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4 Everyday Tasks to Improve Your Health

When the average person thinks “healthy lifestyle,” the image of a veggie-eating, protein-packing gym buff often comes to mind. However, becoming health conscious doesn’t always mean a total system overhaul. Little changes add up and can leave you feeling better than ever without revamping your entire lifestyle. Check out the 4 everyday tasks that are guaranteed to put a pep in your step and help kickstart your health journey!

1. Blend that Beverage

Smoothies are one of the easiest breakfast beverages to make and can kickstart your metabolism into high gear before you’ve even left the house. Simply pick out your ingredients, dump it in your blender, flip a switch, and you’re ready to go! If you want to maximize your metabolism, include items like grapefruit, banana, spinach, and whey protein. Want even more benefits in your blend? Include a quarter teaspoon of ground coriander. This sweet spice is known for its detox benefits and digestive aid. 

2. Take a Breather

Every now and then, daily life can feel overwhelming. Instead of resorting to stress eating or caffeine chaos, try taking five deep belly breaths. Deep breathing sends signals to your body that it needs to relax. The benefits of focused deep breathing can include major relaxers like a slower heart rate and decreased blood pressure. Simply breathe in through your nose, hold it for three seconds, then release through your mouth. After five of these breaths, take a moment and then continue your day with a sense of renewed energy and relaxation. 

3. Floss Those Teeth

No one wants to admit it, but we could all be flossing more. While your dentist is probably the one tooth shaming you, every doctor should encourage flossing. Research has shown that long-term lack of flossing can contribute to heart disease, respiratory complications, and even diabetes. This easy habit takes one to two minutes of your day but can help you stay healthy for years to come. Next time you’re about to walk out the door, take a moment to take care of your teeth!

4. Paint Your Plate

No, we’re not talking about literally painting your plate. Add some color to your meals with vegetables instead! Adults should be consuming about 3-5 servings of vegetables a day. Make it a personal challenge to eat as many different colored veggies as you can every week. This fun and fulfilling practice will not only create incentives to try new veggies but will improve your diet with minimal difficulty. If you run out of colors, leafy greens can improve cognitive skills in as little as 2 servings!
Having symptoms that a plate of veggies or some floss can’t fix? First Care has a wide range of services and dedicated staff to have you feeling your best as quickly as possible. Find your First Care location today and see how we can help!