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5 Most Common Urgent Care Visits

When faced with a medical situation, it is important to understand the most appropriate medical facility for treatment. Emergency rooms,  your primary care physician’s office, and urgent care clinics all have their place when it comes to patient care. However, here are some, but not all, of the illnesses we often encounter at our urgent care clinics.

Common Cold

With adults getting an average of two to four colds per year, and children getting an average of four to eight per year, colds account for more visits than any other condition. Symptoms for common colds might include a runny nose, sore throat, coughing, sneezing, headaches, and aches that typically build up for days. Due to the commonality of colds, many people often seek convenient care from an urgent care clinic.

Sore Throat

Sore throats are also a common occurrence and are often a result of bacteria and drainage or a virus (also known as strep). Not sure how to tell the difference? Our clinic staff can conduct a test and treat your symptoms accordingly.

Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infections come up quite often at First Care Clinics. UTIs, more commonly found in women, are a result of bacteria entering and growing in the urinary tract. Symptoms can include pain while urinating, strong urge to urinate, and frequently urinating in small amounts. While UTIs can be described as uncomfortable in all aspects, they are very common and can be diagnosed and treated at a First Care Clinic near you.


Commonly known as pink eye, this condition results in discomfort and redness in one or both eyes. Caused by viruses, bacteria, allergies, or getting chemicals or pollution in your eyes, there are viral and bacterial versions of pink eye. Both versions can be spread through air or touch and are very contagious. First Care Clinics serve as a convenient option for diagnosing and treating pink eye.


Peaking most years between November and March, the flu is an extremely contagious illness that can grow to be more severe when left untreated. Symptoms of the flu are often similar to those a common cold at first, which makes it more likely to be left untreated. Looking to avoid the flu this season? Stop by a First Care Clinic today for a flu shot – it’s not too late. Struggling to decide if you have a cold or the flu? Visit our team at First Care Clinics for a diagnosis.

Visit a First Care Clinic Today

Our staff is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality care in the timeliest of manners, so you can get on your way to feeling better as quickly as possible. On top of the common visits listed above, we can treat many other common illnesses and injuries and provide a variety of services such as sports physicals, diagnostic testing, and sprains and strains.
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