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5 Skin Care Tips for the Winter

By this point, we have suffered enough winter weather that we are noticing changes in our skin. The dry cold air during the winter months can cause severe damage and discomfort to your skin if you don’t take the necessary extra steps. Keep these 5 tips in mind for the rest of the winter to keep your skin glowing and healthy.

Don’t Take Hot Showers

We all love them – a hot shower or bath after coming in from the cold winter weather. Unfortunately, taking showers and baths using hot water is not good for the skin – especially in the winter months. The hot water does not penetrate your skin like lukewarm or cooler water would and can cause dry, cracked, itchy, and burning skin. Turn down the temperature, and you might notice an improvement in your skin!

Use Gentle Facial Cleansers

Using a facial cleanser that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals is very important in the winter months. Strong and harsh cleansers strip the moisture barrier from your face and can cause breakouts and severe dryness of the skin.

Use Humidifiers and Drink More

When we turn the heat on, the air in our homes becomes significantly drier. It’s a great idea to use humidifiers throughout your home. Also, drink a few extra glasses of water each day during the winter months. Staying hydrated plays a huge role in keeping your skin healthy.

Don’t Exfoliate Frequently 

Similar to harsh facial cleansers, exfoliating too much during the winter can strip your skin of the protective layers it needs. Use salt and sugar scrubs less often in the wintertime to prevent thinning, burning, and severe dryness of your skin. 

Stay Moisturized

Overall, it is crucial to stay moisturized during the winter months. By now, you have surely noticed your skin becoming more dry and itchy as the cold weather has crept in. This is a normal reaction for the skin, but it means your skin needs more attention. Be diligent about applying gentle lotions and moisturizers to your skin an extra time or two per day. Also, it is important to moisturize as soon as you get out of the shower to lock in the moisture your skin received from the shower water.
At First Care Clinics, we understand that your skin is very important to the quality of your health. Visit your local First Care Clinic today for any health issues you are experiencing. We look forward to helping you get back on your feet and improving your health.