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American Stroke Awareness Month

Did you know that by regularly managing your blood pressure you can significantly lower your chance of having a stroke? May is American Stroke Awareness Month, and it is important for individuals to be educated on the symptoms and prevention of a stroke. A stroke causes brain cells to instantly die from lack of blood supply to the brain, which can lead to serious complications.

Signs of a possible stroke include trouble speaking, difficulty walking, numbness in the body, drooping of the face, problems seeing, and dizziness. If you begin feeling any of these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.

Some risk factors of having a stroke include being overweight, having high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, and being over 55 years of age. Prevention begins with a healthy diet and increased physical activity. Limiting your intake of sodium and saturated fats can help to lower your blood pressure and prevent high cholesterol, and exercising just 30 minutes a day will help you to maintain a healthy weight and prevent obesity.

Make sure that you are getting a regular physical and annual check-up, to make sure that your blood pressure and cholesterol are at normal levels.