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Back to School Health

This summer was a bit different than years past, as many people and families started traveling again and doing everything possible to get outside and leave their house. While many had a great summer vacation, it can be harder to adjust back to a regular routine – especially as school starts back.

Our number one tip to all parents out there is to get back into your routine – fast. With homework, sports, and any extra-curricular activities starting back up, you’ll have to re-adjust to adding those events back into your family’s everyday routine. Whether that’s waking up earlier to pack everyone’s lunch before they head out the door or meal prepping on nights when the kids have practice until 8 pm, a routine will help make the transition back to school and work a simpler one.

Speaking of meal prepping, maintaining a healthy diet is extremely important, especially when everyone is busy. Sure, it’s way easier to pack the kids a Pop-Tart as their breakfast and go through a drive-thru on the way home from their late-night activities but remember that everything you put into your body – and theirs – is fuel for the coming days. When kids wake up earlier, in school for eight hours each day, and handle all outside activities, they must be mentally and physically in their top shape. Nutritious foods and a balanced diet can help them achieve this.

Many kids are involved in sports and other physical activities throughout the school year. However, it’s important to still work exercise into your schedule as a family, especially for those kids who are in more academic than physical activities. Something as simple as a family walk around the neighborhood each evening or bike rides every weekend will help the whole family stay fit and active!

Our last tip is to make sure that everyone in the family gets enough to sleep each night. The recommended amount varies depending on age, so it’s important to know that your 8-year-old should have 9-12 hours of sleep a night, whereas your teenager should have 8-10. Proper bedtimes and rules like “no screens two hours before bed” are great in keeping your family on track and feeling their best.

We know that it can be hard to transition back into a rigorous schedule after a few months of summer vacation but doing so in the right ways while ensuring that your entire family is happy and healthy is well worth it. We hope that everyone has a fantastic school year, and always know that First Care Clinics is here for any health disruptions your family may see. Here’s to a healthy and happy school year!