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Common Illnesses and Injuries

Doctor's visit

Common Illnesses We Treat

When you’re feeling under the weather, struggling to schedule a doctor’s appointment is the last thing you need. At First Care Clinics, we offer more services than just school physicals. Our staff of clinicians helps care for numerous ailments every day. Here is a complete

Staying Hydrated in the Heat

Staying Hydrated in the Heat

Everyone gets excited about summer- school is out, and the weather is beautiful! But hot summer temperatures can cause concern if you aren’t drinking enough water. Low water intake can lead to dehydration and heat stroke, especially in the sun for long periods. So let’s

Two honeybees on a yellow honey comb.

National Honeybee Awareness Day

Did you know August 21st is National Honeybee Awareness Day? This day is crucial because it informs people on the benefits and environmental needs of honeybees. Unfortunately, honeybee hives have decreased from 6 million in the 1940s to almost 2.5 million today. We must protect

Doctor using stethoscope on patient for a routine physical.

The Flu or Just a Cold?

Getting sick any time during the year is never a great feeling, but feeling under the weather during flu season can be very worrisome. Although some are similar, symptoms of a cold and symptoms of the flu are actually vastly different. Check out the symptoms

Doctor and patient sitting in doctor's office reviewing test results.

4 Signs You Might Be Getting the Flu

Flu season has arrived. It is very important to get your flu shot as soon as possible to lower your chances of contracting the flu. The flu is extremely contagious and more than 3 million Americans are diagnosed with it every year. This virus spreads

Doctor consulting patient hands closeup.

Flu Shot – Myths vs. Facts

It’s that time of year again! With kids back in school, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about the flu vaccination. We recommend bringing your family to get flu shots in September or October, in order for it to be in effect during peak

Asian doctor showing results to an African American patient.

Sinus Infection 101

It could be a stuffy nose that won’t stop running or sinus pressure that makes your head feel like it’s about to pop. These symptoms are just two of the telltale signs of a dreaded sinus infection. This ailment can quickly turn a productive work

Young Female Patient Talking To Nurse In Emergency Room.

Summer Sickness: 3 Common Ailments

Summer is here and that means it’s time to relax and unwind! While you may be ready to sit by the beach, sickness is still in business and ready to strike. If you want to keep your summer months carefree, don’t let these 3 common