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Practice Summer Safety Tips

Summer is such a fun time of the year, from planning your next vacation to grilling outside with your entire family or finding the nearest pool to soak up the hot summer sun. Although this could also mean some injuries could be more likely to

How to Avoid Germs While Traveling

As more and more people are getting vaccinated, the world is slowly opening back up and returning to normal. Everyone is ready to get outside of their houses and travel again. It is important to take precautions whether you are flying or just going on

Best Ways to Get Outside and Stay Active This Summer

After months spent indoors due to the colder season and quarantine, the summer months are the perfect time to return to the outdoor activities we love. Whether you’re into hiking with friends or gardening with the family, the outdoors provides countless opportunities for you to

Top 5 Tips for Gardening as a Beginner

Summer is right around the corner, which means everyone wants to be outside soaking up the 90-degree sun! And what is a great activity to do in these warm summer months? Picking up gardening! This is an activity that is great for all ages, plus

Signs of Dehydration

Water is one of the most essential nutrients for your body and plays a vital role in maintaining and regulating bodily functions. Getting enough water ensures that your body doesn’t become dehydrated, a condition that can be very dangerous and can keep your body from

International Men’s Health Week

International Men’s Health Week is recognized as the week leading up to, and including, Father’s Day as a way to remind men of all ages to be aware of their health. Taking place from June 14-20, this week was created to remind young men and

Surprising Ways Nature Boosts your Health

Being outdoors has so many unexpected, surprising benefits for your mind and body! Surrounding yourself with nature has been proven to reduce anger, fear, and stress, while increasing positive feelings. Not only does nature make you feel better mentally, but it also contributes to your

American Stroke Awareness Month

Did you know that by regularly managing your blood pressure you can significantly lower your chance of having a stroke? May is American Stroke Awareness Month, and it is important for individuals to be educated on the symptoms and prevention of a stroke. A stroke

National Teen Self-Esteem Month

This May is National Teen Self Esteem Month, a time where we raise awareness about thecauses of low self esteem in teens and discover potential ways to build self confidence. Thetransition from being a child to becoming an adult can be a difficult time for

Earth Day: How the Environment Impacts Your Health

Every year on April 22nd, we celebrate Earth Day as a way to commemorate the conception of the environmental movement in 1970. Earth Day reminds us to take time to appreciate and celebrate our home planet and the many ways that it provides for us.