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Celebrating “Move More Month” This April

The month of April has been deemed National Move More Month, and what better month to get active than April when the sun is shining, the temperature is rising, and the flowers are blooming? In general, it is recommended that the average person gets at least 20 minutes of aerobic exercise each day, and it’s also recommended that everyone gets at least 10,000 steps per day. The 10,000 steps may seem like a lot, but it goes fairly quickly when brisk walking, jogging or running. 
Take advantage of neighborhood sidewalks, hiking trails, and walking paths in the park if you want to get your “moves” in this month by walking or running! Let the nice and mild spring weather be your motivation to get moving outside. Vitamin D from the sun can make you feel happier, and it can boost your overall health. If you are in an area where there is a pool open, swimming is a great way to get moving outdoors, as well. Swimming is especially great for people who have issues with inflamed or aching joints as it alleviates them from direct pressure during physical activity. 
Yoga, dancing, and weight lifting are also great ways to get active this April. If you have always wanted to try out one of these as a form of exercise but haven’t yet, you can look up videos online to follow along with, in the privacy of your own home. Bring your cellphone or laptop outside with your exercise mat, and get active in the sunshine! Don’t let these gorgeous and sunny days go to waste – let them be a motivation for your daily exercise!
The importance of getting exercise reaches far beyond just looking better and feeling better temporarily. According to, “About sixty-nine percent of US adults are obese and that statistic will only rise unless we do our part to create healthy habits and exercise more. Eighty percent of cardiovascular disease in the US is considered preventable, especially by getting out and moving more.” Getting active can rescue us from the detrimental effects of heart disease and can help increase our lifespan.
Celebrate National Move More Month this April by making exercising the new norm for you. It is so important that we move enough for our bodies to function properly as we grow and age. At First Care Clinics, we care about the health of every individual. So, this is our advice to you: get moving, get active, and get excited!