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COVID-19 Testing Travel Information

If you require a COVID-19 PCR test for an airline: unfortunately First Care is not able to provide airline-required services at this time. We do not perform PCR testing in-house, and must rely on our reference laboratory to deliver PCR results. First Care cannot guarantee that all test results will be reported within the strictly enforced result time frame(s) (determined by the airline(s), so are unable to offer testing services for airline requirements.
If you would like a COVID-19 PCR test or rapid Antigen test outside of specific airline requirements, we would be happy to provide this service for you.
If your COVID-19 test requires paperwork to be signed by a Medical Doctor (MD), or paperwork to be submitted to a foreign government: we cannot provide COVID-19 testing at this time.
If a visit is scheduled for an airline requirement and results are not received within the required time frame AND/OR the test performed does not meet an airline or foreign government’s requirements, First Care is not liable for any costs related to missed, cancelled, or rescheduled flights.