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Creative Gardening Projects with the Kiddos!

Spring has sprung, and it’s time to enjoy the 70-degree weather and get started on the best DIY spring projects! Here are some fun gardening projects that you can do with the kiddos that will get them excited for April showers bringing May flowers. Plus, kids love to be involved in your projects, so why not make them fun for the entire family? 

1. Paint Pottery

Painting pottery is an inexpensive and fun way to have your flowers in beautiful hand-painted pots. You can go to your local Walmart or even buy on Amazon some Terracotta Pots. These pots are super easy to paint on; make sure you purchase waterproof paint and let your kid’s imagination run wild with their new beautiful flower pots.

2. Paint garden markers

Are you growing fruits and vegetables this year? Then the kiddos can be of assistance by painting your garden markers, so you know exactly what’s growing where! Garden markers are something your children can get crafty with, and you can also teach them how to identify different plants. All you need is popsicle sticks, markers, paint, and anything else to make the garden markers POP! 

3. Make a butterfly feeder

Who doesn’t love butterflies? That’s right, everyone loves them, which is why making a DIY butterfly feeder is a great idea for the kids! First, the parents will have to help with creating the butterfly feeder by taking the bottom of a jar and making a small to medium size hole at the bottom and then cutting a small sponge to fit perfectly in the hole of the jar. Once this is complete, wrap the string all around the jar and tie it at the top so you will be able to connect it to a tree. And then let your children decorate the entire jar! Use paints, glue flowers, and other crafts to make it look beautiful! Then add some sugar water and let the butterflies fly to your feeder!