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Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month is observed in March and was built to raise awareness of the difficulties people with disabilities face every day. These disabilities can refer to learning and behavioral disabilities like autism, A.D.H.D., physical impairments, and intellectual functioning. Just in the U.S., over 5 million Americans have developmental disabilities. This campaign also seeks to acknowledge the difficulties that people with developmental disabilities go through in their everyday lives trying to fit into their community.

We want to provide ways to observe and help during National Development Disabilities Awareness Month. 

1. Volunteer for an organization that supports people with developmental disabilities.

Many organizations are out there; typically, all it takes is looking at volunteer opportunities in your area and searching to find ones that enable you to help people with developmental disabilities. You can also search through larger organizations such as The National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities (N.A.C.D.D.), the National Disability Institute, and the American Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities. If you are in school, universities also have tons of opportunities to help you get involved!

2. Never stop learning and support inclusion.

Educating yourself is always the best method. Education is an essential tool because it is so important and valuable that we live in a society with inclusion. Inform yourself and others of the different types of disabilities and read firsthand stories by people with developmental disabilities. Social media is also a powerful tool for spreading inclusion; whether through pictures or videos, you can always spread awareness with a meaningful caption.

3. Donate & raise money.

There are so many wonderful organizations worth donating to or fundraising for, and organizations that support Developmental Disabilities are one! One great organization that is always looking for donations is Best Buddies. This is a wonderful organization that supports inclusion, and its mission is to “help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) form meaningful connections in the community that allow them to shine.” The money goes to bridging gaps between people with and without IDD in their personal or professional lives. Also, if you are a marketing guru or want to help by organizing money yourself, creating a fundraiser to donate to the organization of your choice is a wonderful way also to show your support!