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Earth Day 2022

Earth Day started in 1970 because of Senator Gaylord Nelson, a senator from Wisconsin, who was concerned about the emerging environmental crisis in the United States. He wanted to help build awareness of our environment’s concerns by getting it on the front pages. Soon after, the air pollution issues were sweeping the nation, and 10% of the United States population took the streets to fight against the industrial development that could result in serious human health concerns. This period started a new era to protect our beloved planet! Here are some tips for doing your part this Earth Day to help save the planet.

1. Pick up trash

Grab some gloves, trash bags, and your best friend, and pick up trash from your local park or neighborhood. You can even separate trash from recyclable items to do double the work to help save the planet.

2. Plant a tree

Did you know that about 15 million trees are cut down every year? This statistic means less shelter for our critter friends and less oxygen for us to breathe. Trees play a significant role in our ecosystem; that’s why we can all help by planting a tree in our yard to replenish the Earth!

3. Save electricity

Electricity is created from fossil fuels like natural gas, oil, and coal; These harmful fossil fuels directly impact climate change, which is why we need to save our electricity! Still, on the bright side, some communities are starting to use more renewable energy from wind, water, and the sun to produce more environmentally-friendly electricity, but no matter where your power is derived from, always remember to shut off that light!

4. Conserve water

We are all used to turning on the faucet for many purposes throughout the day, so it’s hard to think about conserving it. But water is a limited resource, and we can only drink about 1% of the water on Earth, meaning turning off the faucet in the middle of brushing your teeth can save a ton of water that can be used by others who need it as well.