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How to Stay Healthy Going Back to School

This year, with the ongoing coronavirus, many parents ask themselves what to expect from this school year. Remote learning? In-person with masks? Maybe a hybrid of both? Whatever your child’s school decides, you and your child must take extra precautions to stay safe and healthy this year. Here are just a few tips we recommend if your child plans on going back to school this fall. 

One of the critical elements of beating this pandemic is wearing a mask. Your child must understand this. Finding masks that fit your child and feel comfortable is very important because there’s a chance they could wear them all day. It is so essential that your child feels like they can breathe in their mask, that it does not hurt their ears, and that they like their mask overall! This is a chance to have fun with it and find a mask that your child likes the look of. So many vendors are making masks that can match outfits or have fun patterns, the possibilities are endless!

Another measure you can take to keep your kids healthy is to make sure they get their flu shot. Many health experts have predicted that the seasonal flu and COVID-19 will overlap this year. Getting the flu vaccine can keep your child from getting sick with something we know is preventable. Especially if your child has asthma, the flu shot is essential to their health during the colder months.

Another important tip is to prepare your child with their own set of school supplies, so they do not have to share with any other children. For the first time in educating children, sharing is not a fundamental skill! Making sure your kids have their own pencils, pens, highlighters, and hand sanitizer will be the key to success.

The last thing to consider is having a routine when your child comes home from school. When your kids come home, make sure they sanitize their hands immediately. They should also remove clothes/shoes and change into new ones after a shower. Disinfecting the clothes from school and putting them in the laundry is also essential. Getting a routine down will make sure your home stays safe. It is a lot of extra work, but there is an international health crisis and a pandemic still very much alive, which means it is needed and well worth it.

If you need COVID-19 testing or a flu vaccination, First Care Clinics should be your first call. Our nurse practitioners are prepared to keep your family safe and healthy. Head to our website to learn more about our different services and find your closest location.