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Importance of Weight-Bearing Exercise

Weight-bearing exercise is any form of activity that requires you to press against the force of gravity, so essentially any exercise not done in a swimming pool or on certain workout machines that move for/with you. This type of exercise seems typical and common, but the importance of it goes unnoticed too often. Weight-bearing exercise helps to make your bones stronger and denser, and the muscles you develop with this type of exercise provides a great amount of support to your bones. Along with better bones, weight-bearing exercises also help protect your joints by increasing your body’s coordination, balance, and flexibility. A plus side to weight-bearing exercise is that you typically burn more calories, so you will feel better and have a more significant outcome after completing a workout. We’ve laid out a few weight-bearing exercises that grant you all of the benefits previously mentioned, so you can get to exercising today!


Yoga is a form of exercise that is a full mind, body, and soul experience. It has been shown to significantly improve balance, coordination, and flexibility. The spine is actually the part of the body that shows the most prominent increase in strength and density after participating in regular yoga activity.

Brisk Walking

According to WebMD, “A study of nurses found that walking four hours a week gave them a 41% lower risk of hip fractures, compared to walking less than an hour a week.” Walking is a form of exercise that is very easy to improve on, in distance and speed. Plus, you can walk around your house, neighborhood, park, or treadmill, so it is one of the most accessible types of exercise.

Dancing and Fun Exercise Classes

Dancing is a great way to build your bone mass, even if you aren’t the most skilled dancer. It is a fun and interactive way to get fit. You can do a dance class or just dance in the privacy of your own living room. You can find many free tutorials online if you aren’t comfortable participating in a class with other people. Also, exercise classes such as kickboxing, pilates, and yoga are excellent and motivating ways to get weight-bearing exercise in your schedule. 

Strength training

Simply lifting weights and using strength training equipment to strengthen your body’s other muscles is another great form of weight-bearing exercise. It is important to listen to your body when strength training. Starting off with high weight values can cause significant damage to your muscles or joints. Start with a lower weight and increase the weight value as your strength improves. Patience is key in strength training.
Weight-bearing exercises are a great way to stay healthy and fit, which are crucial to your overall well being. We know maintaining a healthy lifestyle may sound tough, but we also know how important it really is. From dealing with common illnesses to minor injuries, we are here to help when life doesn’t go your way.