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International Men’s Health Week

International Men’s Health Week is recognized as the week leading up to, and including, Father’s Day as a way to remind men of all ages to be aware of their health. Taking place from June 14-20, this week was created to remind young men and boys that taking care of their bodies and being mindful of their health can help prevent diseases or illnesses down the road. Many treatable and preventable diseases can be avoided with a simple checkup or talk with your doctor.

Countless schools, healthcare organizations, and public health groups take part in National Men’s Health Week annually and come up with several creative activities to encourage men to get involved. Many of these activities are centered around promoting positive habits that help to reduce the chance of developing four of the leading causes of death in America – heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes.

Other efforts made during National Men’s Health Week are designed to encourage men to take a proactive approach to manage their mental health. It’s been proven that men are significantly less likely to seek help for dealing with mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. Left untreated, mental health illnesses can cause debilitating problems in the day-to-day life of many men and can affect their relationships with others. Many partners of National Men’s Health Week work to destigmatize mental illnesses and encourage men to get treatment if needed.

There are many ways to take part in National Men’s Health Week, whether it applies directly to you or a loved one or you just want to get involved. Many public health organizations and health care providers use this week as an opportunity to hold screenings and men’s health fairs. Additionally, the Friday of National Men’s Health Week is ‘National Wear BLUE Day’ which raises awareness for men’s need for check-ups, testicular and prostate cancer, and other common diseases. Wearing blue on Friday, June 19th is an easy way for you to show your support for the men in your life. National Men’s Health Week should also serve as a reminder for men everywhere about how important it is to get regular check-ups and pay attention to your general wellbeing.