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Keeping the Kids Busy this Summer

Who doesn’t love summer? It’s a time for fun, relaxation, and creativity while school’s out! Families with stay-at-home parents look forward to this season because it means quality time with the kids. But we all know the infamous phrase that makes parents shiver especially when they’re in the middle of a task: “I’m bored!” Trust us, summer fun and summer boredom are both real things. Unfortunately, the standard recommendations like playing outside or reading don’t always cut it, so parents are looking for ways to get creative. Try keeping the kids busy this summer with these elevated activities!


Backyard Water Park

Water parks are expensive and require a lot of planning and budgeting. So why not transform the backyard into one? Whether your kids want a slip n slide, pool, water balloons, or water guns, these toys can be found affordably if you don’t already have them in the garage! Maybe the older ones want to get even more creative and make colorful signs for each attraction or set up a concession stand with popsicles and other treats. Just remember to keep a close eye on everyone to avoid any injuries.


Fruit Patch Expedition

Summer is the perfect time for harvesting berries, cherries, melons, and peaches! Find a local fruit patch and get ready for a day of picking delicious, healthy, local fruits. Whip up fun concoctions like cobblers, fruit salads, or flavored lemonades at home. This activity is great because it shows kids exactly where their food comes from and gives them a deeper appreciation for snacks that we don’t overthink. Remember to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated outside!


Controlled Messes

Messes are usually a parent’s worst nightmare and a kid’s dream come true. So meet in the middle and create a controlled mess! All you need to do is put those old newspapers and magazines to use by taping them together to make a mat. Have the kids wear play clothes and let them paint, experiment with sensory crafts, and more! Have wipes and paper towels handy for when things get out of control.


The great thing about the activities is that you can easily create them with everyday items or a quick trip to the store! Talk these ideas to the kids to start their excitement, then run with it! Remember to practice the safety tips discussed for each idea, and you’re all set. Have fun this summer!