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National Honeybee Awareness Day

Did you know August 21st is National Honeybee Awareness Day? This day is crucial because it informs people on the benefits and environmental needs of honeybees. Unfortunately, honeybee hives have decreased from 6 million in the 1940s to almost 2.5 million today. We must protect this vital species. 

The Decline in Bees

Why are bees disappearing at such a fast rate? Habit loss and climate change are two main reasons the bee population is decreasing. Scientists also predict parasites, pesticides, and infections are negatively impacting the bees.

Benefits of Bees

As you probably already know, bees provide us with delicious honey that has a variety of uses. Honey has many health benefits, such as killing bacteria, preventing infections, and relieving allergies. When it comes to the need for bees, most people instantly think of honey, but did you know bees provide us with more than just honey?

Why Should We Save the Bees?

Not only do bees provide us with delicious honey, but bees also impact our daily lives. We wouldn’t have the food we eat every day without the pollination done by bees. Bees make a massive impact on agricultural production. The plants we depend on for our food source rely on pollination from bees. 

Got Stung?

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