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National Men's Health Month

National Men’s Health Month is every June, falling in the same month as Father’s Day. National Men’s Health Week is the week that leads up to Father’s Day. At First Care Clinics, we are advocates for men’s health and encourage everyone to celebrate the men in their lives and emphasize the importance of healthy habits. 

Get Regular Check-ups

It is essential to get regular check-ups to make sure everything is working correctly, and you are in good health. Whether it is a mole you need to get looked at, knee pain, or your digestion has been off, it never hurts to call to ensure your health is in tip-top shape.

Exercise Often

Heading to the gym, swimming laps, or even taking a walk outside are all positive activities that can significantly impact your health more than you think. Doing one thing every day that benefits your heart’s health is a healthy habit that will make you not only look better but feel better, as well.

Change Up Your Diet

The food that you eat can affect your skin, your heart, bones, and everything else that makes up your health. Consuming the right foods is vital to good health. Eating greasy hamburgers and loads of french fries may make you feel great for a few minutes after consuming it, but it is terrible for you in the long run. Opting for healthier options over junk food will do your body so well. Your stomach will thank you, your skin will thank you, and after some time, you will start thanking yourself for taking care of your body. 

Wear a Blue Ribbon

Go ahead and put a blue ribbon on your clothes. The blue ribbon is the symbol for Men’s Health, and wearing one this week will show your commitment to the cause. The blue ribbon can be equipped as a conversation starter for you and your family, co-workers, or maybe even strangers in the grocery store. Spread the healthy habits to all men and encourage the mindset of taking care of your body no matter what month it is. 
These are just a few steps you can take to improve your health for National Men’s Health Month. If you ever have questions or would like to schedule an appointment with any of our nurses, our clinics offer walk-in services, or you can call ahead or check-in online at any of our locations.