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National Teen Self-Esteem Month

This May is National Teen Self Esteem Month, a time where we raise awareness about the
causes of low self esteem in teens and discover potential ways to build self confidence. The
transition from being a child to becoming an adult can be a difficult time for teenagers. Teens
become more aware of their physical appearance and experience hormonal changes during this
time. With the rise of social media, teens are constantly comparing themselves to others, which
can contribute to a low self-esteem as well. This month, we’re sharing a few ways that you can
encourage the development of positive self esteem habits with your teen.

Be a positive role model

Whether they care to admit it or not, teenagers learn a lot from their parents and will often
engage in similar patterns of behavior as they grow older. Therefore, it’s important to be a
positive role model for self-confidence for your teen. Avoid negative self-talk or criticism,
especially about your appearance. Instead, talk about the things you like about yourself so that
your teen has an example of what positive self talk looks like. This will help improve your teen’s
self esteem levels by encouraging them to focus on everything they like about themselves rather
than the features that they don’t.

Encourage open communication

When entering the age of adolescence, teens begin to experience more personal autonomy and
freedom to make their own decisions. By encouraging your teen to talk openly with you, you’re
showing that you’re willing to treat them with respect and open to listening to what they have to
say. In fact, teens who do not have someone they can trust and confide in close to them may be
more likely to experience mental health issues, including depression. As a result of you being
willing to listen, your teen will feel more confident in making their own decisions and feel
comfortable reaching out to others.

Reaffirm that it’s okay to make mistakes

No one is immune to making mistakes, children, teens, and adults alike. It’s important to talk
with your teen and remind them that making mistakes is a natural part of learning and it doesn’t
reflect on who they are. Teenagers should understand that as they begin to branch out and try
new hobbies or get new interests, they may not always succeed the first time – and that’s okay.
Remind your teen that it’s okay to make mistakes, especially as they’re growing into adults.

The teenage years are a crucial time in establishing an individual’s self identity, as well as their
self esteem and self confidence. As part of National Teen Self Esteem Month, take some time to
ensure that your teen is developing positive self esteem by being a strong role model, allowing
open communication, and reminding them that everyone makes mistakes. If you suspect that
your teen is behaving in a way that goes beyond low self esteem, such as exhibiting signs of
depression, make sure they receive professional help.