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Plan the Perfect Father’s Day

Sunday, June 20th is a special day where we will celebrate our fathers and all they do for us each day. Father’s Day is a time where we show our appreciation and love for not only our dads, but also our grandpas, stepdads, fathers-in-law, and other father figures in our lives. Most dads would agree: quality time with their kids is the best gift one can receive. Does your dad like to spend time outside? Does he like sports? There are many different options for activities when it comes to what your dad will enjoy. Keep reading to find out how to make this Father’s Day special and fun!

Have a Backyard Picnic 

If the weather is nice, enjoy some time outdoors with your dad by having a picnic full of all your dad’s favorite foods and desserts. Bring speakers for music and even maybe a football to throw after dinner. Find unique recipes online to make different snacks such as a fresh watermelon salad, a yummy fruit dip, and a refreshing blueberry lemonade to drink. Don’t forget the bug spray!

Create a Memory Box 

Brainstorm your favorite memories you have with your dad. Write them down on different pieces of paper. Decorate a box using stickers and paintings that describe your dad and place the memories in the box. This is sure to bring a big smile to your dad’s face. Reading your family memories aloud will bring happiness to the whole family! You can also include all the lessons you have learned from your father. Continue to add to the memory box as the years go on!

Buy Tickets to His Favorite Event 

Whether your dad is interested in sports or music, look up local events in your area that you think your dad will enjoy going to with you. Maybe your dad’s favorite musician is coming to town or maybe there is a big sporting event happening in your city. Live events are a great way to spend the day with your dad. Surprise your dad with tickets to his favorite event!