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Schools Out for Summer: Fun Activities for the Kids!

“Schools out for Summer!” in a child’s mind is the best time of the year, but for parents, it means a lot of planning to avoid the “Hey Mom, I’m bored!” comment. We are here to give you some summer activities to keep the kids entertained, but also to keep all you parents sane. There are many activities the whole family can enjoy together, but here are 3 to get you started!

Start a Book Club 

It is super important for children to retain the skills and information they have learned while they have been at school. Even though Summer is supposed to be a fun break from school, it is important to continue to use critical thinking skills for a growing mind. Starting a book club with the families in your neighborhood is a great way for your child to be able to hang out and enjoy the beautiful weather with kids their age, while still helping the development of their brain. Also, check with your local library because a lot of them will have summer prizes for the kids if they read a certain number of books during the Summer. And what kid doesn’t love a fun prize?

Make Homemade Ice Cream 

Nothing is better on a hot summer day than a bowl of ice cream to beat the heat! Homemade ice cream is much easier than you think, just make sure your child knows that they will have to be patient while their ice cream freezes over because this could take a few hours. But while you are waiting, take your child to the store and have them pick out their favorite chocolate syrups, fruity candy, and maybe some cherries to top it off! It’s so easy to get creative and experiment with your own homemade ice cream recipe. Do you want to try vanilla? Chocolate? Rocky Road? You have all summer so try them all!

Have a Car Wash 

Kids love using the water hose during the hot summer months to cool off, play with friends, and spray their parents for fun! So, give them the idea of starting their own car wash. Have the kiddos create fun flyers to give out to your neighbors advertising their community car wash. Play some fun family music, make snow cones, lemonades, fill up water balloons, and turn this into a fun party for the entire neighborhood to enjoy! Not only will the kids love this splashing and dashing activity, but all the parents will be happy with their brand new-looking cars!