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Summer Sickness: 3 Common Ailments

Summer is here and that means it’s time to relax and unwind! While you may be ready to sit by the beach, sickness is still in business and ready to strike. If you want to keep your summer months carefree, don’t let these 3 common ailments spoil your fun.

1. Heat Rash

You’ve heard of this by many names; prickly heat, sweat rash, miliaria. Whatever you choose to call it, heat rash is here and one of the most common conditions brought about by summer temperatures. The cause of this ailment is brought on by overheating and blockage of sweat ducts underneath the skin. Perspiration becomes trapped beneath the skin, resulting in irritation and possible infection. Infants, bedridden patients, or adults with large skin folds in the groin, underarm, or stomach area are more susceptible to heat rash and should take extra precautions during the summer heat. To avoid becoming a victim of heat rash, wear loose-fitting clothing, bathe frequently with antibacterial soap, and remain hydrated when exposed to the elements.

2. Food Poisoning

While this unpleasant illness can happen year-round, food becomes especially volatile during the summer months. Next time you’re at a summer barbecue, keep a close eye on your food. Cooked items like meat and veggies that are left out “buffet-style” can become a feast for all kinds of bacteria. This happens mainly because heat encourages bacteria to rapidly multiply. To avoid making your guests sick, store food indoors or in a cooled area. While most food poisoning simply requires waiting for symptoms to pass, some severe cases may require a clinical visit or hospitalization.

3. Water-Borne Illness

Waterparks are officially open and pools are becoming filled with summer swimmers. While a quick dip in some cool water is a perfect remedy for summer heat, be careful of where you swim. Murky pools, lakes, or hot tubs can become breeding grounds for bacteria and illness. Some common ailments that come from infected waters include ear infection, diarrhea, and folliculitis. While most of these symptoms can be treated by a walk-in clinic or over the counter medication, it is important to avoid the risk altogether. To limit your exposure, never ingest recreational water, cover any cuts with waterproof bandages, and avoid murky or foul-smelling water. 

First Care Can Help

While nobody wants to be sick during the summertime, illness happens and it is essential to seek out care before symptoms become critical. First Care not only treats the above afflictions but also provides a wide range of expertise on many common symptoms and ailments. Visit First Care today to find your nearest location and make sure your summer is sickness free!