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Sun Safety for Kids

It’s no surprise that kids love the summer – it’s warm, they can play outside, and school is out. It’s a few months of hanging out with friends, taking naps, and releasing their energy and boredom through play. But, as much as they may love it, it’s essential to ensure their safety in the matter. The sun is a beautiful resource, but it can be dangerous if viewed as a bright toy. 


We know much more now about sun damage than we did years back when we were growing up. Then, Sunburns used to hurt and annoy us, but now we know that just one sunburn can double your chances of melanoma in the future. Practicing healthy sun habits is essential, and instilling these ideas into your children can help protect them throughout their lives. 


Take a look at our favorite four tips to teach your children sun safety:



This is one of the biggest tips out there. If you’re spending time in the sun, you must apply sunscreen (at least SPF 30) every two hours or more if excessive sun exposure, sweating, or swimming are done. Also, ensure your children apply sunscreen to the most commonly missed areas – feet, hands, ears, and lips! 


Cover up.

Wearing protective clothing goes hand-in-hand with wearing sunscreen. Wear a hat to shade your face and protect more sensitive skin whenever possible. When dressing your children, take their age into account. If they are less than two years old, only their arms and legs should be exposed; the older they get, the more skin can be shown as long as it is protected by sunscreen.


Choose shade.

We know it’s tempting to spend hours on end in the sun, but it’s important to take breaks in the shade. This can be done by spending an hour inside for every hour spent outside at home or sitting under a tent or umbrella outdoors at the beach or pool. 


Set an example.

This one is easy, but it’s vital for your health! Follow these rules yourself, and your children are more likely to take the initiative or at least follow the example, depending on their age. You should want to protect your skin as much as your children’s, and doing so helps set them up for better habits throughout their lives. 


Depending on where you live and the trees, house angle, etc., the peak sun is between 10 am and 4 pm. While some people advise children to stay indoors during these hours, we know that isn’t always plausible. So, instead, take these tips to heart and enjoy your summer! On top of these tips, remember to take breaks, drink plenty of water, and eat healthy snacks. Fruits and veggies are the perfect outdoor summer treat, full of vitamins and minerals to help your children feel their best while running around. Enjoy your summer vacations and the time the kids are out of school, but please make sure you do so safely and healthily.