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Tag: Blood Pressure

Doctor checking patient for high blood pressure

What You Need to Know About High Blood Pressure

Every May is Blood Pressure Awareness Month. Sponsored by the CDC, National High Blood Pressure Education Month raises awareness about the effects high blood pressure can have on health. Because of how pervasive high blood pressure is, we wanted to take the opportunity to explain what blood pressure is, along

american heart month

American Heart Month

February is known as American Heart Month, when we raise awareness about the importance of heart health, talk about disease prevention, and share how to make heart-healthy decisions. As heart disease is the number one killer of Americans, this month is increasingly important to many people across the country. While

Doctor monitoring an older female patient's blood pressure.

National Blood Pressure Month – May

“The Silent Killer.” Did you know that this is the nickname for high blood pressure? The reason high blood pressure has this nickname is because people often don’t notice they have high blood pressure until it is too severe and they suffer major complications; oftentimes this can lead to death.