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Tag: Kids Activities

Kids playing sports together in summer

Sports Kids America Month

Summer is a great time for kids to get out and get active. One of the best ways to ensure they do so is group sports. Every June, we celebrate Sports America Kids Month to encourage healthy habits and essential life skills in our kids.  Sports are a wonderful thing,

Spring gardening projects

Creative Gardening Projects with the Kiddos!

Spring has sprung, and it’s time to enjoy the 70-degree weather and get started on the best DIY spring projects! Here are some fun gardening projects that you can do with the kiddos that will get them excited for April showers bringing May flowers. Plus, kids love to be involved in

Little girl inside ready to play on a snow day

How to Keep Kids Busy on a Snow Day

Once your kids are over the cold, they will need activities to keep them busy inside. While spending snow days making snowmen and snow angels is fun and amusing, the excitement can quickly run out. Next thing you know, your children are constantly repeating, “I’m bored!” because they can’t leave

Cheerful little girl in the Park with ice cream cone doing summer activities.

Schools Out for Summer: Fun Activities for the Kids!

“Schools out for Summer!” in a child’s mind is the best time of the year, but for parents, it means a lot of planning to avoid the “Hey Mom, I’m bored!” comment. We are here to give you some summer activities to keep the kids entertained, but also to keep