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Tag: Skin Care Tips

Young woman keeping skin moisturized in the winter

Maintaining Healthy Skin in Winter Weather

The harsh, cold weather is not ideal for the health of your skin. Cold air takes the moisture out of your skin, drying it out. Many people notice their skin becomes dry, red, itchy, and flaky during the winter months. Not only does the cold air outside affect your skin,

Family in a Canoe on a Lake having fun during summer.

Practice Summer Safety Tips

Summer is such a fun time of the year, from planning your next vacation to grilling outside with your entire family or finding the nearest pool to soak up the hot summer sun. Although this could also mean some injuries could be more likely to occur. This is why we

Young woman seeing doctor for dermatological examining

Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month

With the summer months approaching, we can begin to look forward to sunny days spent enjoying the warm weather. Whether you prefer to spend your time outdoors lounging by the pool, soaking up the sun at the beach, or exploring nature on a hike, it’s vital that you pay attention

Mature Woman In Consultation With Female Doctor Sitting On Examination Couch In Office.

5 Skin Care Tips for the Winter

By this point, we have suffered enough winter weather that we are noticing changes in our skin. The dry cold air during the winter months can cause severe damage and discomfort to your skin if you don’t take the necessary extra steps. Keep these 5 tips in mind for the

6 Summer Skin Care Tips

It is finally warm outside and feeling like summer! But with the beautiful warm weather, also comes the potential for skin damage from the sun. Skin damage builds up over time and you don’t start over every summer. Here are some important tips to keep in mind as you start