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Tag: staying healthy

7 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Don’t Sleep Enough

Sleep deprivation, or not getting the proper amount of sleep, can take a toll on you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Medical professionals stress the importance of getting enough sleep because it truly has an extremely significant impact on your health. Here are seven things that can happen to you when

Importance of Weight-Bearing Exercise

Weight-bearing exercise is any form of activity that requires you to press against the force of gravity, so essentially any exercise not done in a swimming pool or on certain workout machines that move for/with you. This type of exercise seems typical and common, but the importance of it goes

4 Ways to Stay Healthy as a College Student

The hectic schedule of a college student can make it difficult to make healthy choices on a daily basis. Getting enough sleep, making time for exercise, eating healthy, and taking digital breaks can help both your mental and physical health as a college student. Although the average sleep requirement for

Finding the Energy to Keep Up With the Holidays

As the holidays approach, there are many things that must be prepared… the food, your home, and gifts; the list goes on and on. However, amidst the holidays, we often forget to prepare our bodies for the seasonal rush hour, leading to loss of energy. Our First Care team wants