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Tag: Summer

Child practicing sun safety with sunscreen and a hat

Sun Safety for Kids

It’s no surprise that kids love the summer – it’s warm, they can play outside, and school is out. It’s a few months of hanging out with friends, taking naps, and releasing their energy and boredom through play. But, as much as they may love it, it’s essential to ensure

Healthy summer snacks

Healthy Summer Snacking Ideas

Summertime is full of pool days, beach days, and picnics. Nothing is better than spending a warm day by the pool with the best snacks or having outside get-togethers where everyone brings something to share. The best summer snacks to bring are healthy, delicious, and refreshing! Keep reading below to

Elderly woman in a hat picking tomatoes from her garden.

Best Ways to Get Outside and Stay Active This Summer

After months spent indoors due to the colder season and quarantine, the summer months are the perfect time to return to the outdoor activities we love. Whether you’re into hiking with friends or gardening with the family, the outdoors provides countless opportunities for you to stay active. If you’re looking

Cheerful little girl in the Park with ice cream cone doing summer activities.

Schools Out for Summer: Fun Activities for the Kids!

“Schools out for Summer!” in a child’s mind is the best time of the year, but for parents, it means a lot of planning to avoid the “Hey Mom, I’m bored!” comment. We are here to give you some summer activities to keep the kids entertained, but also to keep