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The Start of Spring Allergies

Many celebrate as the weather warms up and we can finally spend more time outside. Many others, however, start to deal with spring allergies, which can take some of the enjoyment away from spending that much-needed time outside.

Luckily, there are ways to prepare for spring allergies to stay ahead of the game and ensure that you can spend time getting your Vitamin D. We recommend beginning your allergy medication or nasal spray about two weeks before symptoms start. While it can be tough to tell when to begin before symptoms start, you can talk to your doctor or pay attention to the Weather Channel – they will often tell you how allergens look in your area days to weeks in advance. 

Another way to stay ahead of the game is by getting a head start on your spring cleaning. Cleaning everything from floor to ceiling will remove dust particles that have built up and eliminate pollen that has already found its way inside. Make sure you scrub baseboards, wash your curtains, and vacuum your furniture; completing these tasks before spring allergies begin is the optimal time. You can then get rid of any allergens lurking in corners or cracks, and you’ll do so before the pollen starts to emerge.

Whether mowing the lawn, gardening or cleaning up, wear your N95 mask! By now, you know the support it can bring. Your N95 mask can create a well-needed barrier between your nose and the pollen floating around. Your allergies (or lack thereof) will thank you for a day or two spent deep cleaning.

Further, while it may be tempting to open the windows and let the warm air in, do know that we advise against it. Pollen can sneak in, even through screens, and will land on your furniture, rugs, and floor. If it seeps in too far, you’ll need to start your spring cleaning over again to escape the allergies in your own home.

Lastly, ensure you change your air filters every three months. Filters that are not replaced at least every 90 days will pick up more dust, dirt, and allergens, lowering their effectiveness and causing more potential allergies. Also, make sure you wash or dry clean your pillows and mattress. This will help eliminate the dust mites and allergens lingering where you spend

 one-fifth of your life.

At First Care Clinics, we can help treat your spring allergies and recover from minor allergic reactions. We encourage you to get ahead this spring to keep your allergies in check. Stay current on your medications and frequently clean to make the most of this beautiful spring weather. Vitamin D does a lot for the soul, and if you can find the right allergy solution, your mind and body will benefit in many ways. Always know we are here when you need us whether that’s us helping with your season allergies or if you were to get an injury while soaking up that amazing Vitamin D, we can help! Here’s to a happy and healthy spring season!