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Time Management Tips for Holiday Happiness

The holidays can be a busy, stressful time for families. Many people host gatherings, organize travel plans, and buy gifts for family and friends. Remember, the holiday season should be a time full of joy, not stress. Luckily, we have some tips to help you reduce the stress and enjoy this wonderful season and quality time with your loved ones.

Create a Holiday List

Start the season off right with a list of everything you need to get done. Writing items down takes some stress out of our brains. Take items on your list one at a time. Save the more significant tasks you want to complete for the time of day when you know you are most productive. 

Prioritize Your Time

There are only so many hours in a day. Create a schedule at the beginning of each week of what you will do each day. Focus on what items are most important to get done first on your list. Set these priorities for what you want to accomplish and stick to them. 

Plan Ahead

Get items on your list done early if possible. Write all your upcoming events down in a calendar. Keeping your calendar updated makes it easy to plan and see what is going on at a quick glance. Make good use of your time by choosing a time to go shopping during the slower times of the day.

Say No

Agree on what you want to do. It is okay to say no to attending certain events or helping everyone with everything. You cannot be everywhere and do everything all the time. It is essential to say no sometimes and think of yourself. Maintain self-care during this busy time to better handle your other priorities. A calendar will also help you see if you are overbooking yourself.