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Tips for Safe Holiday Travel

As the holidays approach, many people will begin to travel more to visit loved ones. Wintery weather and uncertain travel conditions can create safety hazards everybody should be aware of before planning a trip. Check out these travel tips below for a safe, fun holiday season!

Home Safety

Before leaving your home, always double-check all doors and windows are locked. If you are leaving for a long trip, have a neighbor periodically check on your home. Ensure all lights are off, electronics are unplugged, and check to ensure the oven and stove are off. 

Car Safety

If you are driving instead of flying to your destination, have your car inspected and serviced before hitting the road. Always have an extra charger and an emergency kit in your vehicle. It is also imperative to look out for other cars that may be driving under the influence, especially in bad weather when it’s hard enough to see.

Follow CDC Guidelines

Rules are constantly changing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Before leaving your home, check the guidelines, and be aware that everywhere has different rules and regulations. If you are flying, check your airlines’ requirements before boarding the plane.

Plan Ahead

Traveling during the holiday season is very unpredictable. Give yourself extra time for anything that could go wrong. There may be more traffic, road closures, or unsafe road conditions due to the weather if you are driving. If you are flying, plan for extra time if any problems arise at the airport or if security lines take longer than usual.

Keep these tips in mind, and have a fun and safe holiday season!