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Tips for Spring Cleaning

Spring has finally arrived! Start the new season off right, freshening up your home by cleaning and decluttering. Deep cleaning your home promotes wellness and organization to help you live a healthier lifestyle. It is essential to protect yourself from harsh chemicals when cleaning by wearing gloves, safety goggles, and masks. While spring cleaning can feel overwhelming, it does not have to be a daunting task with help from the tips below! 

Break Up Tasks

Do not look at cleaning your whole house in one day. Break it up. Divide your detail cleaning by rooms. Each day focus on a new space. This will keep you from feeling overwhelmed. Make a schedule and start with the areas of your home that need the most work! This allows you to clean the areas that tend to get forgotten. 


Over time, we all collect clutter; this is a fact. Clutter and chores pile up without us even realizing it. Scientific studies prove clutter and disorganization add to your stress levels. Start by going through drawers and deciding on what items you will keep on hand, store for later, sell, donate, or throw away.

Sanitize your Sink and Dishwasher

Did you know your sink has more bacteria than your toilet seat? It is important to clean your sink and dishwasher regularly. Baking soda is a versatile product that can be used for deep cleaning both appliances! Use baking soda and lemon juice to clean a stainless steel sink. For your dishwasher, sprinkle one cup of baking soda along the bottom of your dishwasher and rinse on a hot-water cycle to get rid of icky grime, build-up, and mold.


Spring cleaning is all about focusing on the areas we do not usually clean throughout the year. Window areas can use a lot of work, such as washing window treatments (drapes and curtains), dusting blinds, and cleaning the interior and exterior of the window glass.