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Tips to Re-enter Society During a Pandemic

Now that it is June, society in America has changed drastically since the coronavirus pandemic broke out. Life is returning a little bit to normal, but it is essential to know that this virus is nowhere close to being over. States are re-opening, and it is tempting to go back to our old routines. Whether it’s working out, retail therapy, or eating out at restaurants, every old ritual you had now has more precautions around it. With a vaccine still unavailable, it is so vital to re-enter society as safe and smart as possible. 

Wear A Mask

Wearing a mask is the new normal—no question about it. Wearing a mask is the safest way to re-enter society and has become a requirement for almost everyone working around people. In Los Angeles, you can be fined if you are in public without a mask. The mask is the best way to go in public and be safe because you are protecting yourself from others and others from yourself. Whether it’s shopping or working out at a gym, although it can be uncomfortable and weird, wearing a mask is the safest way to protect yourself from the virus. 

Take Advantage of Warm Weather

Summer is finally here which means that it is much easier to feel “normal” in the pandemic since the weather is nice and you are able to spend more time outside. Being outside makes it easy to social distance and allows you to feel healthy and safe at the same time. Eating at a restaurant outside is safer than eating inside because of the natural ventilation of outdoor spaces. Some states are only allowing outdoor seating at restaurants before opening indoor dining.

Stay Sanitized

Wash your hands regularly, keep hand sanitizer with you, and don’t touch your face. The best way to prevent coronavirus and to be able to get back to a sense of normalcy is staying sanitized. After you touch an object, make sure to wash your hands. Try not to touch your face, and if you do, make sure your hands are clean. Wipe down all of your surfaces and keep your wallet, credit cards, and phone clean after setting them down. 
These are just a few tips for you as we re-enter society, but remember, coronavirus is still going strong, and cases are again rising. Stay as safe as possible and continue to social distance. If you feel any of the COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, cough, congestion, and shortness of breath, First Care Clinics offers curbside testing for coronavirus. Call us if you have any questions, and please stay safe and healthy!