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Tips to Reduce Test Anxiety in Children

As summer ends and schools begin to welcome back students, the break from homework and tests also comes to an end. Unfortunately, students can become overwhelmed and stressed with their workload and assignments when it comes to schoolwork. Whereas school is a fun time to learn with friends, it can also be a struggle for some children. Being stressed and anxious about school is entirely normal. Keep reading below to learn how to manage this feeling of anxiety.

Use Basic Test-Taking Strategies

There are some basic strategies to remember during a test. It is essential not to spend too much time on a question. You don’t want to overthink one question and then have to rush to finish your test. Running out of time will create more anxiety. For multiple-choice questions, eliminate the choices you know for sure are incorrect. Go with your first instinct. Do not second-guess yourself and waste time. Make sure you are reading the directions carefully.

Self-Soothing Techniques

When you begin to panic and start to feel anxious, you can practice self-soothing techniques. These techniques will help you breathe and calm down to focus on the task at hand. Taking deep breaths is crucial while taking a test so your brain can get the oxygen it needs for memory recall and concentration. Another self-soothing technique is to practice positive self-talk. This will build confidence.

Sleep and Exercise

The best and easiest ways to prepare for a test are to get plenty of sleep and to exercise before taking the test. Limit screentime at night and eat a well-balanced, protein-rich breakfast the morning of the test. Exercising or even just going on a short walk relaxes your mind and body by releasing endorphins. Exercising also reduces your body’s levels of stress hormones.