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Urgent Care: How It Works

Trying something new when it comes to your health can be scary; you never know if you’re visiting a quack or a legitimate professional. That’s no reason to avoid urgent care clinics, though. More often than not, urgent care clinics are cheaper than the emergency room, provide more applicable care with shorter wait times, and there is no appointment needed; however, if you don’t understand exactly how urgent care clinics work, you might be hesitant to try one.
Find a First Care Clinic Near You
The first step is finding an urgent care clinic near you. At First Care, we have locations throughout Kentucky and Indiana. Kentucky and Indiana residents can rest assured they are close by any of our emergency care clinics. First Care is also frequently adding new locations, so check back on our website often.
Just Walk In: No Appointment Necessary
At urgent care clinics like First Care, no appointment is necessary to be seen by our medical professionals. All of our employees are highly trained and up to date with any special credentialing and training requirements. Our state of the art equipment and medical facilities are guaranteed for functionality and cleanliness, so you never have to worry about trading convenience for quality of care. At First Care Clinics, we provide you with top of the line, cutting-edge medical care.
Provide Your Insurance Card and Photo ID
First Care Urgent Care Clinics accept most all forms of major insurance, and any urgent care copay is significantly less than those of the ER. While we handle the billing process for you, you should contact your insurance provider to be sure of any potential cost savings available for your individual plan. You should also bring with you the following: payment for copay, any parental authorization forms, a list of your current medications, a list of any past surgeries, and a list of any allergies.
No insurance? No problem!
Insurance is not required at First Care. We offer incredibly affordable rates compared to hospitals and emergency rooms.
Get Better Faster at First Care Clinics
First Care visits typically last under an hour, which means you can quickly get on with the rest of your day. We understand your busy schedule and are passionate about providing friendly, quality care in the most efficient way possible. Visit any of our locations today or contact us to learn more.